Peter Eschwey’s Corvallis Center for Acupuncture and Natural Medicine

Peter EschweyWelcome to the site for Dr. Peter Eschwey’s Corvallis center for acupuncture and natural medicine!  Our mission is to provide high-quality, compassionate and holistic healthcare, to people who are ready for change, using both ancient and modern healing therapies.

Since 2000, Dr. Eschwey has been committed to providing nurturing and open-hearted healthcare to the Corvallis community.  With a life purpose of promoting people’s wellbeing and connection to Source, Dr. Eschwey is deeply interested in facilitating your maximum potential for comprehensive health and happiness.

Honoring the ancient traditions, Dr. Eschwey believes that good medicine should not be practiced in a hurried manner.  He deeply values relaxed and authentic interaction with his patients and insists on taking the time to be sure you have been properly seen and heard.

Whether you receive body work, acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, exercise prescriptions, counseling, nutritional advice, qigong therapy, or a good story, Dr. Eschwey is most interested in the treatment being individually tailored to match you.

In his quiet and serene clinic environment, your experience of comfort and safety is held in the highest regard. Most of all, Dr. Eschwey is interested in building a trusted and therapeutic connection with each of his patients.  Should you choose to connect with us, we are sure you will experience some of the best acupuncture and natural medicine there is!

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